We are an Outdoor Furniture business that aims to accommodate every customer with their specific space, size and budget without compromising on beauty and comfort.

Further more we believe that the Best Quality with the Best Service will make us the Best in Brisbane!

So come and give us a go and say hello!

First of all we are family owned and operated and have been in the Outdoor Furniture business since 2002.  As a result we offer vast product knowledge and excellent customer service on both the home and commercial front.

In addition we want a customer’s first impression to delivery and enjoyment of the end product to be an amazing shopping experience!

Most of all having a strong community focus that supports families, indigenous and Islander Australians, you can ethically shop at our store knowing you are putting back into our blessed nation of Australia.

Have you heard of our Super Sundays?  

Well stay tuned… we are open from 9-5pm on Sunday for your shopping convenience.

Why aren’t you 7 day trading?  Why do you close Saturdays?

We’ve discovered that if we want to bring Rest and New Life to your Outdoor, we need a little rest ourselves.

Due to trading 7 days for over 10yrs we’ve come to realise we need a family rest day and that’s now Saturday – and we love it 🙂

We understand the inconvenience of closing Saturday consequently we are open till 5.30pm every other day, 5pm on Sunday’s and till 7pm on Thursday nights.

Come on in and say Hello, or enjoy viewing our extensive range online.  We are only a phone call or email away…